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Very nice Personal
Very nice Personal. Good options for work in beautiful countries. And good conditions!:)
Simple, Proffesional, Friendly!
I discovered Yobbers accidentally, however it was the best thing that could ever happen to me. Pretty quickly I was impressed with the wide range of job opportunities abroad and all you have to do is just upload your CV in English. I then applied to some of the positions and my contact person Katharina called me the next day. I communicated with my future employer through Katharina. The fact that I had a person supporting me throughout the whole interview process, made the journey genuinely enjoyable. Not only was she always available by telephone but also contacted the employer immediately when I had a specific question. Furthermore, she was open to sharing her own knowledge by giving useful tips regarding job application and adapting to life in a foreign country.
Sulim Litaev
Yobbers Review
I was in a rush to find a new job in Valencia where I'm currently living. The rent, subscriptions and all those good stuff need to get paid after all. Yobbers helped me to find a job as they had a few alternatives and I'm happy with the chance that I'm given to do my best at the job. Furthermore, the communication is always friendly and professional.
Great communication.
Great communication.
Best thing ever!
Best thing ever! I did reply for a job in Valencia, They told me everything to know. Got amazing help they explained everything,there verry kind. I got the job. And i'm so excited to go to Spain! Can't wait to work and live there!
Jonas van Beneden
Best recruiting experience ever
Recruiting process via Yobbers was maybe the best ever. The recruiter was friendly, professional and explained everything since the beginning clearly and in detail. They communicated with me without any unnecessary delays - always replying fast and answering phone calls. Also, the recruiter was always available for any of my questions and doubts. After I started communicating directly with the employer the recruiter was making sure that the communication between me and the employer went flawlessly, following the entire selection process through until the end. I can only recommend! Good job,!
Ivana Ilic
Martin was a very helpful and really…
Martin was a very helpful and really cool person to talk to in getting information on how to work in Barcelona. I learned a lot on how to communicate with the companies and how you send a good english cv to them, as i am german and the cv´s here are different. I could always reach out to him for questions or help any regarding matter. Now I can say i got the job that I wanted after 3 videocalls and i can move to barcelona :))) Great work!
Tiago is by far the best recruiter that…
Tiago is by far the best recruiter that goes the extra mile! Great help and support. Amazing effort. A+
Max la F

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Dal 2015 siamo una piattaforma che offre lavori all'estero. Abbiamo già aiutato più di 6.000 persone a trovare un lavoro all'estero! Grazie alla nostra esperienza in questo campo, sappiamo esattamente come aiutarti al meglio a trovare lavoro all'estero. Ci assicuriamo che tutte le offerte siano buone e affidabili, in modo tale che tu possa vivere al meglio questa esperienza. Il nostro sistema di candidatura moderno e innovativo ti consente di candidarti facilmente e gratuitamente per qualsiasi lavoro. Noi da Yobbers crediamo che tutti debbano avere l'opportunità di attraversare i propri confini e lavorare all'estero!

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